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The Average SMS campaign reaches redemption rates of 20%. Other Engaging & Interacting such as email, direct mail and newspaper rarely reach over 2%-3%. The ROI of Text Messaging simply can not be matched. Your customers always carry their mobile phone. No matter where they are, your text message will reach your target audience.

Giveaways & Prizes

For your clients and customers.

EngageRealize your full business potential with SMS. Get set up to discover the significant power of well designed promotional incentives. Direct messaging service is the perfect tool to enhance the features of your fixed business location...


Who can use SMS Text Messaging?

Retail Stores
Retail Stores SMS Operating a retail business comes with a unique set of challenges. For small and locally-owned stores, the challenges are even greater: we've all seen promising mom-and-pop stores pop up one month and disappear the next. By harnessing the powerful tool that is text messaging, you can reach your customers like never before.
Medical & Dental Offices SMS
Medical & Dental Offices
If you run a medical or dental office, you know how much missed appointments can hurt your revenue. Bring your office into the 21st century with a text message reminder system that will keep your patients happy, keep your staff useful, and keep your profits in perfect health.
Groups & Organizations SMS
Groups & Organizations
Ministries and religious organizations of all kind face the same challenges keeping your congregation connected in today's world of digital distractions and information overload
Real-Estate SMS
How many take flyers, but never a call? With our Mobile Texting service, you literally have buyers in the palm of your hand. By offering them on the spot details of the property, you get them to initiate the contact and you get notified immediately.
Bars & Nightclubs SMS
Bars & Clubs
People out looking for the hottest place to go, best drink specials, happy hours and nightly events, it's a great way to promote to your opt-in database of bar and nightclub fans. Bars and Nightclubs fans can even read your text message while in somebody else's establishment.
Spas & Salons SMS
Spas & Salons
If you run a spa or salon, you know that the beauty business can get pretty ugly: missed appointments, slow days, and one-time customers who never show their face again. Keep your revenues up, missed appointments down, and customers loyal.