How to Run an Effective GiveawaysPlay to win

How to Run an Effective Giveaways

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. That's why giveaways have long been one of the most powerful ways for businesses and organizations to engage with their audience. Now, with the help of our technology, running an attention-getting Giveaways is simpler than ever.

A giveaway can do more than create a short-term buzz around your business: it's also one of the best ways to gain subscribers and keep your customers coming back.

The Basics

So a giveaway is a great promotion. But how does an SMS Giveaways work?

Let's say Sally wants to attract attention to his new pizzeria and bring in more customers. She can do so by running an SMS-based giveaway. Not only will it generate public awareness and engagement, but Sally will also collect valuable mobile contacts he can use to keep his business thriving.

To get started Sally sets up a keyword and advertises his Giveaways in his window, on his menus, and on every table:

to {{AssignedNumber}}
for a chance to win
a FREE iPad
and get cool pizza deals
sent right to your phone!

Jill walks by Sally's Pizzeria and the large "FREE iPad!" sign captures her attention. Impulsively, she texts the word PIZZA (known as the keyword) to {{AssignedNumber}} (Sally's Long Code). Instantly she receives an automated confirmation message thanking her for entering Giveaways.

That's it! In a matter of seconds she's entered the Giveaways, submitted her contact information, and began a meaningful engagement with Sally's Pizzeria.

Now, not only is Jill excited aboutSally's giveaway, but by sending a text message she's made a memorable, significant, and even somewhat intimate contact with the Sally's business. Perhaps she walks in for a slice, where she would have otherwise walked on by.

Even if she keeps walking, Sally has successfully gathered her contact information and can send her promotional messages with coupons, specials, and other enticing offers, ensuring that Jill becomes a regular in no time.

Why are you giving something away?

A Giveaways offers much more than the immediate effect of generating interest in your business.

By collecting a large number of SMS subscribers, the long term effects of an effectively run Giveaways are even more valuable. Long after the winner has been drawn, you retain a large pool of potential customers who are only a text message away.

By sending contest entrants regular messages about discounts, upcoming events, or new products, you're able to connect to your audience through an immediate, intimate, and inviting medium, keeping your business busy months after the conclusion of your contest.

Choosing a Prize

First things first. What are you giving away?

Whatever prize you decide, it should be something that your audience will be excited about winning. Generally, it'll fall into one of two categories:

Prize is a product from your business/organization.

to {{AssignedNumber}}
for a chance to win

Prize is an exciting item unrelated to your business.
to {{AssignedNumber}}
for a chance to win

There are pros and cons of each prize to consider. With the first, you're getting people excited about your own product. An unrelated prize, however, may bring in more subscribers: winning a free motorcycle is a lot more exciting than a free game of bowling.

Another important element to consider is the price of your prize:
A more expensive prize will generate more entrants subscribed to your SMS campaign. The more subscribers you collect, the greater the dividends your giveaway will pay down the road.


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